This section is where the render is customized and performed. You can also simulate an animation here.


TrimTrims the final animation in order to get a smaller file size.
Stop on blank frameStops the rendering process if one of the animation frames is completely blank. It is recommended to leave it disabled if not needed, as the rendering process will be much faster.
RandomizeRandomizes each rendered animation. If disabled, an option to set the random seed will be available.
ScaleScale will zoom the canvas and scale it down giving it a pixelated look. The canvas size is divided by the scale so the higher the scale value, the smaller the rendered animation will be.
FramesThe amount of frames that the rendering process will last. 60 frames is 1 second.
SimulateSimulates the animation from the start point. Useful for animations using fluids, particles or burst dynamic animations.
RenderStarts the rendering process.

Rendering Problems

If a problem that prevents the animation for looping is detected, a popup will be shown that gives the user the option to force render the animation, or to try and fix the problems automatically.


Fix it for me!It will try to fix the problem that is impeding the seamless loop to be rendered automatically.
Render it anyways!It will render the animation skipping any problems.