Exporting your creation is done in the Render Result window. Here some information about the animation and different options are available for better customization.10

📌 The Render Result window shares the same animation previewer as the Preview so it can be moved around and zoomed.


No. FramesThe total number of frames the animation has.
Exported FramesThe number of frames that will be exported. This will change when using Frameskip
Frame SizeThis is the final size of each frame of the animation.
Current FrameThe current frame of the animation in the preview.
Preview SpeedThe speed of the animation in the preview.
FrameskipThe number of frames that will be skipped in order to reduce the final image size.
ReverseMakes the animation to be played in reverse.
Export FormatChanges between all the possible export formats. This include: PNG Spritesheet, PNG Files, GIF, MP4, WEBM
ExportExports the animation with the previous changes.

Export Formats

There are currently 5 different support formats for exporting animations.

Export ModeDescription
PNG SpritesheetExports the animation in a spritesheet, trying to be as optimized as possible.
PNG FilesExports the animation into different PNG files for each frame.
GIFExports the animation into a GIF file. The exported GIF file doesn't support the alpha channel (at the moment), so the background will be opaque.
MP4Exports the animation into a video with MP4 format.
WEBMExports the animation into a video with WEBM format.