Particles are little images that have properties like speed, rotation, color, etc. They are widely used in game's development to create different effect like impacts or miscellaneous ambience effects.

Particles need to be inside an Emitters that will be in charge of creating them.


Min/MaxSets the minimum and maximum values of the given property.
IncreaseModifies the value over time, it accepts positive and negative values.
WiggleApplies a sinusoidal wave to the value over time.


Here is where the basic properties of the particles are set. These include movement, transform and chain emitting.


SpeedDefines the speed of the particles.
DirectionDefines where the particles will be heading towards.
AngleDefines where the particle sprite will be looking at.
SizeDefines the size of the particle.
ScaleApplies a multiplier to the size of the particle to allow non-uniform scaling.
LifeThe amount of frames the particle will be active.
Orientation ModeDefines the particle orientation mode, while in Angle mode the particles will face the direction defined in the Angle property. While in Direction mode the particles will face the direction defined by the Direction property.
Emit (Step)Each frame the particle is alive, it will spawn another particle defined by this property.
Emit (Death)When the particle's life reaches zero, it will spawn another particle defined by this property.


This is where the physics of the particles are defined.

🔨 Physics are very basic at the moment, but they will be expanded in the near future with collisions and more.


GravityThe amount of gravity applied to the particles.
Gravity DirectionThe direction of the gravity applied to the particles.


This is where the particle colors are defined. There's also an included color preset library that can be used here.


ColorDefines the color of the particle over time.
AlphaDefines the alpha/opacity of the particle over time.
AdditiveIf checked, the particles that overlap inside the same emitter will have their colors added.
Color PresetsYou can choose between some color presets for quick editing


Inside the library tab you will find a selection of 1000+ particle images already included in the app and ready to be freely used even commercially.



In the image tab you can modify the origin point of the particle and also load your own images to be used by the particles.