Fluids is a SpriteMancer feature that simulates fluid pressure to create multiple effects like smoke, fires or explosions.


The material is an image used to create the fluid. In most cases you will want to use the default image, but different images can be added to create all kind of effects.


Scale XThe horizontal scale of the material image.
Scale YThe vertical scale of the material image.
Load ImageLoads an image to be used as a material. Only .png allowed at the moment
Delete ImageDeletes the current image material and reverts back to default one.
Center OriginCenters the origin point of the image.


In this section there are all the properties that change the fluid behavior.


🔨 This section is under construction and will be expanded later, sorry!


Fluids color is defined in this tab. The color ramp defines the colors that the fluid will be moving through.


Color RampDefines the color ramp of the fluid. From outside to inside.
GradientIf checked, the color ramp will use a gradient instead of solid colors.
Fade OutIf checked, the fluid will fade away instead of instantly disappearing.
Color PresetsYou can choose between some color presets for quick editing


In the presets section there are multiple already included presets to get a starting point for creating your effects.